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With over six years of consistent growth, we continue to be a dominate community that alters the typography landscape and we do this through hardwork and teamwork.


Supported by a robust group of designers and creatives, our end-user is our bread and butter and we ‘re always trying to give back as much as what’s given to us.


All that we are is attributed to the time, effort and devotion bestowed upon us. Everything that we’ve become has been created by our strong community.


Whether it be needing a hand with your latest font, needing insight on recent releases or helping someone out, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our community.

More about us

Who we are

We’re a dedicated community of typophiles who are passionate about typography, font development, research on the art of the letter and respectful critique of design resources.

What we do

We’re a small, tight knit group of creatives who enjoy evaluating all aspects of fonts. Unlike other typography and design sites, we place emphasis on the organic and unique aspects behind the type development process.

Why we do it

We started out as a group of ten designers and we’re now pushing more than 2,500 members. We are user funded and user supported. You could call us grassroots, but we’re too cavalier for labels.

We are who we are because everyone in the community strives to express a common voice that incites, ignites and inspires one another. Often the typography industry is made up of powerful voices that dominate because of popularity rather than reason, intellect and insight. Our goal is to give a voice to all those who care about typography and design, no matter the follower count, place, shape, color or form.

Where we do it

Wherever possible and however possible. We are active digitally and globally working as one to continually evolve the design industry. We’re a rapidly growing group and we consider the limits and potential endless and we feel it’s our responsibility to offer the platform that gives a voice to the end-user and the creator.

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