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Arquitecta – Latinotype

Arquitecta Font

Never ones to disappoint or sacrifice on quantity, Latinotype’s recent offering, Arquitecta comes out with all guns blazing in sans serif awesomeness. Simple, human and straight to the point, Arquitecta is a brilliant alternative to other families of the same ilk that have been launched in the last few years, in particular Mr. Eaves, Verlag and quite possibly Neutraface to name a few.

We’re always a big fan of large families that are price accordingly and Latinotype fonts are always reliable and provide an abundant amount of possibilities. Arquitecta in particular is lovely font that we fancy for it’s readability, legibility and suave appearance altogether.

In Latinotype’s words, they describe Arquitecta:

“Since the experimentation from the Bauhaus through modern sans history we looked for a new mix to construct a rational geometric typeface with humanist proportions suitable for text layout and continuous reading.

Inspired by American & European hand lettering from the first half of the past century, Arquitecta finds his own space as a great alternative for paragraphs in front of classics like Futura, Kabel or Avant Garde.”

The family contains 8 upright romans and 8 italics with the following features:

– European accents, Old Style Numbers, Numerators & Fractions.

– Ink traps to avoid press impressing spots & hinting optimized.

– Small X-height with accentuated ascenders y descenders.

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