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Benson Script – Kyle Wayne Benson

Benson Script

Following up on the great success of Tide Sans, Kyle Wayne Benson has launched a gem of a script in the healthy arena that is Benson Script. Harnessing the efficiency that Thirst Script offered, but refining Benson Script enough to hold its own, the typeface is a clear, legible and straightforward typeface that beckons a mid-century modern vibe that’s been married with a dose of lettering nostalgia.

We think this typeface provides enough intangibles that it’s professional vibe for a script should start appearing on everything from packaging designs to the local college’s event posters or flyers.

About Benson Script in the creator’s own words:

Benson Script is a script that is desperately trying to be anything but a script. With 3 contrast levels, and 2 styles, the six styles of Benson Script are an experiment in the diversity of a single stem width.

Modernism’s desire to fit all elements within geometric constraints and adhere to strong verticals has spread throughout type design, but has had little to do with the frills and ornaments of script. Cutting a script down to its bare bones has is an offensive idea to many—almost seeming insulting to its genre. Benson Script bridges that genre gap between frill and function. As a matter of genre Benson Script errs on the side of modernism, and adds flair as a last resort.”

Read more about the scripts open type features, and the development process here.

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