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  1. Please visit this link for an in-depth look at our rules. Should you have any questions, visit: http://bit.ly/Yi6cyD
  2. Failure to read and follow the rules below can lead to the removal and banning of your account.

  1. 1. Conduct of our Members:

    Use common sense.

    Please maintain respect to all individuals on the board at all times. As we are a different community, there are a wide range of opinions, experiences, backgrounds, religions and ages.

    Any disrespectful and/or immature behavior will not be tolerated and your privileges may be revoked without warning. This is your first and only warning.

    ENGLISH Only - We realize there are several language pack options to choose from which make it easier for you to read the site, however, no matter what your language preference, this forum/site is for ENGLISH posts only. If you read the site in Russian, Spanish etc., please only post in English.

  1. 2. Member Status

    User accounts which become idle / inactive after 60-90 days will be pruned and automatically deleted. Stay Active.

    Users who have a 0 post count after 30-60 days will be automatically pruned. Regardless of whether or not you login to the site everyday. 30 days is more than enough time to get acquainted around here and to make a single post. We do not expect users to sleep, eat and breathe on the board, but we do expect to hear from you.

    We ask that you contribute and share how you can. Fill requests, add to a discussion, share what you have.

    We do review all members on a routine basis and review post statistics and post content. If we see that all of your posts are bumps or thank you's only and nothing substantial which helps keep the site alive, you will be removed.

  1. 3. General Forum Guidelines

    No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.

    No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).

    No language other than English in the forums.

    No systematic foul language (and none at all on titles).

    No offensive user Names (they will be altered or rejected at registration).

    No recruiting members via private messaging or posting in the threads whatsoever to other boards/forums. This is considered advertising.

    No asking for money of any kind and/or selling a service through this website.

    No stalking members and/or moderating them. Spying on members is irrelevant and useless. We have staff delegated to moderate members, not users.

    No sharing of your account with other members - this includes no sharing of your account with previous users, banned users, removed users, co-workers and friends. If someone needs an account, invite them or ask us to add them.

    Advertising your Website is allowed only on our terms and by our approval. You will be warned for unauthorized adverts. If you are interested in advertising your site on our board, contact an Administrator.

    Arguing with staff is not smart. Don't do it.

    Do NOT mini-mod. Members telling other members off is NOT acceptable. We have staff for a reason.

    Repeated abuse of any of these will lead to your removal from our site.

  1. 4. General Posting Guidelines

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE : Use the search function before making a post. Duplicated posts will be closed or merged. SEARCH before making a request too. Failure to do so will lead to warnings being issued. This is one of the most important rules as a new member. Before making a post saying you have searched and now you need help, SEARCH ONE MORE TIME for added purpose.

    When making a post for a share, a preview image for the share or adding a link to follow for a preview MUST be included for brand new, never before made shares. Mirror posts or filling a re-up request post do not require a preview. All other times please include a preview with your shares, especially if it is a new share or new thread. Previews are also required for new request posts of fonts and newly released fonts.

    Do not hotlink your image (this means, do not copy the photo link directly from the website the preview picture is at. Download the picture yourself and upload it to a site such as tinypic.com and link your post preview to the image there). Any questions about this, please ask for help.

    When creating a thread or making a post, please do not TYPE LIKE THIS or LiKe ThIs BeCaUsE iT iS AbSoLuTeLy aNnOying. Proper punctuation and grammar will be enforced.

    Please add a description/info to your posts in the download sections (if you see a post without any description, you can try to add some if you know something about it, or know a place to find it.

    Please dont make consecutive posts in the same thread. If you have something to add and no-one else has posted since your last one, EDIT it. Especially if they are extremely short messages.

    Do not post multiple things within one post eg: make one post for one app, movie, album, or whatever and not for a long list of them. Unless it is a cohesive collection.

    Posting links with "h**p" or "hxxp" in them is neither necessary nor is it allowed. If you dont want a link to be live then code it.

    Do not solicit. It is never okay to request or seek any form of payment from other members.

    DO NOT POST Serials!! You will be warned, 2nd offense you will be banned from Pilo.

  1. 5. Saying thank you

    When thanking a user for a post, it is strongly preferred that members use the thanks button, this is used to reduce the amount of miscellaneous "thank you" posts.

    Do not use the thank you button erroneously. Only thank users who have made a SHARE or contributed to benefit the site. Using the thank you button to thank a user who has made a post saying thank you will lead to warnings and additional consequences.

    Do not double thank (i.e - using the thank you button first then following up with a post to say thank you). A user should strictly be encouraged to use the thank you button as all posts expressing thanks will be removed.

  1. 6. Downloading / Uploading

    All "Download Discussion Forums" . Posted links in these forums must be direct downloads. i.e. the link you post must start a download either through IE or a download manager such as Flashget, IDA, ...

    You are welcome to use any direct download site you wish, although rapidshare is highly popular. Multiple Mirror sites such as rapidspread.com, sharemole.com, sharebee.com, flameupload.com, mirrorcreator.com amongst many others are fine.

    If you come across a thread with a dead link, first try to fill it yourself if you already or have previously downloaded it. If you haven't downloaded it yet and it is dead, click the small "post reporting" button so we are notified and can try to remove the dead link with a live one.

    If you come across a post with only 1 live link out of 5, please kindly reupload the file again so the post is replenished and will stay healthy for the next however many users will access that share.

    Always feel free to add mirrors. The more the merrier. You will never be questioned about adding backup links for people to use. It is much appreciated.

  1. 7. General Requests Guideline

    Requests must only be posted in the DESIGNATED REQUEST SECTIONS!

    No daily bumping... Wait 7 Days at least. That is right, you can only bump after 7 DAYS!

    Please try to answer any requests users have. Many of us have things the next person may not.

    Please make all requests for new links should the links in a share have gone down in the original share thread.

    Please only make requests for yourself and not for others on other forums/sites. We will remove users who cherry pick.

    Do not ever private message a moderator, administrator or user individually asking them to solely re-up dead links for you, make the request in the originating share thread so everyone has the opportunity to fill your re-up request.

  1. 8. Signature and Avatar Guidelines

    Allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.

    Be considerate. Resize your images to size specified: Avatar 100*100

    Admins have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM one.

    Please use an image host for your images. Hotlinking images is absolutely forbidden. (Mentioned above, but a site like www.tinypic.com is a great resource)

  1. 9. Post reporting

    Please use the report button (the little red and white triangle in posts), to report offensive posts, dead or broken links etc.

    Don't be shy to report posts, the more posts that you find dead and report, the quicker we can get them resolved.

  1. 10. Inappropriate Material & Content

    Pornography is NOT allowed. Some graphics (psp tubes, vectors etc) that are mildly adult are okay (think Rated R, not Rated XXX). But please do not post any pornographic material (Movies, Photos etc.).

    Please keep all political and personal belief discussions clean, constructive and productive.

  1. 11. Trading / Group Buys

    Trading and Group Buys are not permitted on Pilo. Do not make a post telling a user to private message you for resources. All users who break this rule will have their private messaging privileges removed. All posts referencing a member to private message for something they have but don't want to share will be deleted.

    Group Buys are also not permitted and the organization of them are not approved at Pilo.

  1. 12. Private Messaging / Communication Guidelines

    Users are not allowed to contact users via the private messaging system to privately share. All shares a user makes must be on the board, not facilitated through private messaging or exchanging personal information. All users in violation will be removed abruptly and immediately.

    Users may not use the private messaging system to recruit members to other sites. Doing so will also lead to immediate removal or loss of private messaging capabilities.

    The private messaging system is not to be used to make threats, accusations, facilitate arguments, isolate other users or be used in any other inappropriate manner.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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