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    Donations are a one off payment and are not recurring and only for paid subscribers and legacy members. If you can't view the full board yet, then you aren't a subscriber or legacy member. Donations cannot be refunded once made.

    Please DONATE ( <----Click) here! (Donating is not a substitute for subscribers on a paid subscription or for users considering subscribing and will not provide full access to the board)

    Pilo is a forum that survives and exists on donations. The sole operation of the site is from user support and user donations. Any donation made goes back into the site, one way or another.

    We would be delighted to have your donation, as it will go more than a long way to cover our hosting costs, site license fee and additional premium site features such as plugins and content.

    We are literally a member funded forum. We are small on purpose, because of this and because of our database size we have to rely on member support as the forum generates no outside funding.

    We do have a private Donor section set aside for donors who donate under the "subscription" option as our way of being able to help give back for what you donate. However, this section of the board isn't promised to be the purpose behind a donation, it is just our way of finding a way to say thanks for donating!

    If the board has helped you in one way or another, whether in the form of saving you money from buying type you thought you needed, but no longer need after trying it or saving you money from having to buy more type because someone else shared what you thought you were going to spend your money on, we'd appreciate your help to keep this place around so you can continually be assisted with type in the future.

    Donations are accepted through paypal and all personal information is kept absolutely and strictly concealed at all possible times. We have an extremely high reputation on maintaining member anonymity. Paypal is the only method we accept donations.

    Donations are set up on a subscription basis and permit users to access our Donor's only forum which contains additional shares that are exclusive to donors and not the rest of the board.

    Donation Subscriptions are available as follows:

    2 Month Membership : 22
    6 Month Membership : 60
    12 Month Membership : 100

    In addition to subscription plans, you are also available to donate a custom amount of your choosing to the board. Custom donations are welcomed in any amount, however, these are considered one-off donations and do not provide access to the donor forum.

    Although we offer a subscription plan (as mentioned above), the only thing guaranteed with this plan is our commitment to making improvements and doing everything humanly possible to keep the board alive.
    The donor forum is user run and generated and the content provided varies on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.

    Benefits to donating are as follows:

    You really help us keep the site online and you save yourself money from having to buy a surplus amount of fonts as you will be able to find them here at one time or another.
    Additional Storage to your inbox
    Additional Considerations for Not being removed if your account is not meeting forum requirements
    Custom User Title
    Gold Usergroup/Username Color
    Access to the Donor Forum
    Some goodies posted in the Donor Forum not found elsewhere on the site
    Keeping the Forum alive!

    Please use the links above and below to donate to the board. If you have any additional questions, please contact a member of staff. Thank you for considering to donate!

    Please DONATE ( <----Click) here! (Donating is not a substitute for subscribers on a paid subscription or for users considering subscribing and will not provide full access to the board)

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