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    So... Dana Tanamachi, I am not! That being said, this was, SUPER SUPER fun to do! Working on this, increased my appreciation for people who work with this chalk, tenfold! I just wanted to make something for my little ones (4 and 6) to countdown the days til Halloween. I thought a chalkboard would be fun for them. I'm in Boston, MA, in the USA, and being so close to Salem, where the witch trials were held, Halloween is really a big deal!

    I worked on it at night, sitting up in bed watching TV - it was really relaxing. Not totally done yet, just working on the framework around the main art. So here's my latest project, counting down the days with my littles!

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    Very impressive work! It looks super clean and I would love to try it in some of our photography projects. Will need to look for a suitable chalkboard to get started now.. I have a feeling it will take a lot of practice to get something this nice!

    Have you done any more art with chalkboards/chalk since?
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    I'm just seeing this post now.. I'm getting ready to work on a HUGE project - this was a small board, maybe 25 inches x 17 inches, somewhere around there.. but we've painted a wall in my children's playroom with blackboard paint - and I think I'm going to attempt a full wall mural. I'm SUPER excited about it! I'll have to post pictures as soon as I have the outline figured out!
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    looks very nice....wish i were artisitic like that
    seems you have a knack for it..keep up the great work!

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