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    Scene creator [Top view] V5.0


    Create your stationery or header mock up. Save money as you can create very different types scene with the same files. Lot of items have multiple positions for a better realism. These files are in high resolution, so that you can make small or large scenes. What can you do with it? Check out http://tinyurl.com/ozg59pl
    Next update: 150+ items: cosmetic items, devices, offices supplies, envelopes, hand tools, furniture, toys, etc.

    V5.0 UPDATE 12/11/15

    • +262 items in over 535 positions: decoration items, Christmas and holiday items, new pencils, plants, sneakers.
    • +11 scenes and 4 updated scenes


    (Link to files are in PDF above because GB!!!)

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      does somebody have the original files?

      The links from the PDF all say: AccessDenied
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      Does anyone have the latest V7.0?
      Please don't share my links outside of Pilo. Thank you!

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