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Grota Rounded – Latinotype


We’ve had quite the love affair with Latinotypes’s recent releases and Grota Rounded is no different. It’s a tad funky and its all around spunkiness should be adored rather than dismissed.

It brings the heat with its whimsical and falls flat with its everyday functionality, but what’s not to admire about this rounded full of character (pun intended)? Similar in the usefulness as Katatrad’s Montia, Grota Rounded would look great on packaging, posters and most any graphic paraphernalia, although it falls short for app, gaming and device usage more than likely.

About this font:
Grota Rounded is a very expressive font, has a gestural character inspired by the hand lettering .
Grota Rounded is grotesque, unicase and exceptional. It has six weights ranging from thin to black with their italics.
It is ideal for logos, brands, magazines, headlines, books. etc.

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