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Our Favourite Logomarks

The trend of logos taking the shape of a graphic badge or shape has seen no signs of slowing down in 2013 and the creative design is a sparkle in the eye of the beholder when done right.

Whether it be a simple concept project or a design that has its own legs to stand  that’s been funded by a client, we did our best in rounding up some of the coolest and most appealing logo marks to have popped up in the last few year.

Many times we have had designers tell us they find the catalyst for their creativity through viewing others work and we hope the designs of these talented graphic designers give you plenty of brain candy. Which one is you’re favourite?

Jørgen Grotdal – Trondheim, Norway

If you haven’t yet seen the work of Jørgen Grotdal, you really are in for a treat. Using simple and straightforward design to deliver his work, Jorgen’s designs are concise and heavily utilise the badge shape to produce a final result that ends up being a logotype with a vintage and industrial feel.

Jay Higginbotham – Houston, Texas

Hailing from the Lone Star State, Jay Higginbotham is a young talented graphic designer who has burst onto the design scene with design work that features stellar photography, subtle grunge effects and hand drawn lettering that we all wish were made into retail fonts.

Jays designs deliver a timeless and efficient feel that incorporates a vintage monogram style or final type emphasised logos that are framed by more display style typography. Have a look yourself and admire his fantastic work.

Jay Fletcher – Charleston, South Carolina

Self proclaimed ‘dudesigner’ Jay Fletcher is an incredible logo designer and his work is less flashy and more creative. Taking ideas and turning them into stunning visual designs, his logo work is chalk full of creative thought and the little touches he adds to his logomarks give a gorgeous attention to detail (see: Fenwick Pythons).

Encompassing a classic American feel to his work, his designs are balanced and are accommodating to small Mom and Pop shops to large Fortune 500 organisations. We’re particularly fond of the Gourmet Burger Co. logo. Which do you fancy?

BMD Design – France

Can’t get enough of handmade graphic design? Well, BMD Design has been on the up and up with their handmade vintage ephemera designs that are exquisitely French as well as intricately appealing to the masses who crave hand lettering and uber cool graphics.

Whether it be placing individually crafted designs on motorcycle helmets or sketching up a logo for a clothing label, BMD has been setting the design industry on fire. Some call him the Jon Contino of Europe, we just call him awesome.


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