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  • Brandon Printed

    Brandon Printed – HVD Fonts

    Brandon Printed is based on the famous Brandon Grotesque typeface. It has an eroded, printed look with four variations of every letter

  • Benson Script

    Benson Script – Kyle Wayne Benson

    Following up on the great success of Tide Sans, Kyle Wayne Benson has launched a gem of a script in the healthy arena that is Benson Script. Harnessing the efficiency that Thirst Script offered, but refining Benson Script enough to hold its own, the typeface is a clear, legible and straightforward typeface that beckons a mid-century modern vibe that’s been married with a dose of lettering nostalgia.

  • Arquitecta Font

    Arquitecta – Latinotype

    Never ones to disappoint or sacrifice on quantity, Latinotype’s recent offering, Arquitecta comes out with all guns blazing in sans serif awesomeness. Simple, human and straight to the point, Arquitecta is a brilliant alternative to other families of the same ilk that have been launched in the last few years, in particular Mr. Eaves, Verlag and quite possibly Neutraface to name a few.

  • Yonia Font

    XXII Yonia – Doubletwo Studios

    XXII Yonia most of all likes packaging, headlines on posters and flyers, and it really loves to be a logo for something with food or toys.

  • grotarounded

    Grota Rounded – Latinotype

    We’ve had quite the love affair with Latinotypes’s recent releases and Grota Rounded is no different. It’s a tad funky and its all around spunkiness should be adored rather than dismissed.