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Planet Express – Felipe Calderón


Fancy yourself a stylish and tech geek? Then were sure you’ll be quite smitten with the sci-fi, edgy and sleek Planet Express font by the revered, Calderón Estudio Type Foundry who has release such gems as Letrista Script and Tulipan.

How should you use Planet Express? That is open to interpretation, but we think app developers and poster designers could have a field day with the possibilities that lie within the font. We could also see it tearing up Keynote and Powerpoint presentation designs, in addition to looking mighty fine gracing the packaging on a multitude of FMCG’s.

About Planet Express:

Family type designed by Felipe Calderón. This type is a display with a modern style and a different and innovative concept.
The development of this type was a challenge because it was set out from the begining as a script font with ornaments and complements, where the round shapes do not have prominence in the result. Planet Express is an interesting job from the aesthetic point of view, it works for big scale texts and contains little shadow-cuts in each character to give it more personality and stand out among other fonts from this gender. I hope this new project works to solve issues in design.

Planet Express is composed of Regular & Italics, it has 250 intelligent ligatures to produce the best signs in big scale, it is perfect for branding and works very well with the geometric complements. It is designed with programming in opentype: Ligatures, Discretionary ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Stylistic set 01, Stylistic set 02, Stylistic set 03, Stylistic set 04, Stylistic set 05, Stylistic set 06, Stylistic set 07, Stylistic set 08 & Stylistic set 09, multiple language support and a complete set of extras like arrows, catchwords, flags, emblems, hands, fleurons & crossed elements.

Planet Express can be used in different ways, each character pretends to cover the needs in any circumstance where it is used. It is funny to write words and play with the complements. It also works with current concepts in graphic design like sports, cars, hip hop, music, social network, skateboarding and more.

Everybody can use this font, it works with different languages like italian, french, portuguese, danish, german and so forth.

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