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Kicking off part two (visit part one) of some of our favourite graphic resources is the snazzy Vintage Bundle collection made by Jeremy Vessey under the moniker Hustle Supply Co.

Not sure what to make of all the supply collectives lately, we aren’t going to spend much time pondering it because the resources being churned out by these independent design factories is almost too good to be true, especially with Vessey’s resources that come packed in tight with the Vintage Bundle. There are ready made badges that are itching to be customised as are there significant icons that seemed to be carved with a bit of extra testosterone mixed in.

We dig the overall style of the bundle and think it is well worth the value and the savings made when purchasing it as one.  Plus, who can resist anything when it says 50% off?

More about the Vintage Bundle from Hustle Supply Co.:

All 5 Volumes of the Vintage Logos at 50% off, Get them all for only $25. Start the new year off with 30 Vector Logos made in Adobe Illustrator with Editable Text. All fonts used are free and links are provided in the Read Me File.

Multiple Uses:

– Apparel Design
– Logo Design
– Content Creation
– Poster Design
– Typographic Pieces
– Labels & Stamps
– Anything you can think of.

Purchase the Vintage Bundle

Next up and always rattling the cage is more of Dustin Lee’s texture madness and this time it’s in the form of Vector Supply, a flawless, seamless set of vector textures that continue to push the boundaries of excellence.

As you are probably well aware by now, Retro Supply’s plethora of resources are shaping up to be some of the best made, best supported and best developed tools around. Vector Supply is no different and continues to enhance the reputation of Lee as one of the premiere design resource creators in the last few years without a doubt.

Learn more about Vector Supply from the designer:

This kit can be used for fast and easy print, web and screen print design.

Here’s what you get:

• 13 halftone textures you can lay over your designs for fast aging effects.
• 14 seamless aged pattern swatches – ideal for type and objects.
• 16 authentic halftone brushes – great for creating inconsistent distressed looks.
• 14 hand made sponge brushes – for easy shading and dry screen print effects.
• 7 oil and coffee stains – because sometimes your design needs coffee spilled on it.
• 8 example images for inspiration and ideas (in vector format so you can inspect them).
• VectorSupply Instruction Manual.

Purchase Vector Supply by Retro Supply


NEW! Purchase All of Retro Supply’s Resources


Watch Dustin Lee take Vector Supply for a spin and uncover all the cool uses of this ace graphic resource!

What’s that? You can’t believe we’re not featuring a designer who doesn’t use an alias that includes ‘Supply’ in their name? Well step right up and take a glimpse at Design Revolution’s comprehensive and colorful, 1000 Round Icon’s!

Delivering quite an exhaustive collection of icons surely doesn’t come easy, but Design Revolutions attention to detail ensures that the icons are extensive in formatting and use. The social media icons alone look worth the price, but then factor in you get an additional 950 icons that are sure to align with a particular design need at one point or another and you have yourself one heck of a bargain!

Details about the set:

Designed to provide you with the ultimate resource for whatever project you would work on. The icons give a unique and clean feel to your website, prints, infographics or applications.

They are royalty-free icons covering the most wanted illustrated elements of graphic design, all icons are set in round containers that have different colors, but can be changed to fit any color that suits your project.

Icons are provided in PNG, SVG and AI formats

– PNG files are all in 24 optimized file format 512, 256, 128, 64 and 48 px
– SVG files are set in SVG 1.1 Mode compatible with Retina Display and scalable for web usage.
– Source Files are in Adobe Illustrator CS5 Format with all layers included and grouped with each icon.

The complete set is vectorized, built with Adobe Illustrator and scalable to any desired size.

Purchase 1000 Round Icons by Design Revolution

Rounding out this list are the subtle textures (V1, V2, V3, V4) made by the terrific designer Rob Brink.

Each volume of textures uses different materials, whether it be a sponge, canvas or something else made by hand. All the textures are a minimum of 300DPI and 13inches x 19 and we like these textures for this very reason. If you have to use PSD textures, then we’re quite certain you can’t go wrong with any one of these volumes.

Purchase Subtle Paper Textures by Rob Brink


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