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XXII Yonia – Doubletwo Studios

Yonia Font

If you haven’t had a taste of the stupendous new font released by Doubletwo Studios, then we highly recommend you hot foot it over to them and check it out. XXII Yonia is full of filthy deliciousness that offers a strong array of brush stroke like characters that will make sign painters, packaging designers and art students lives much easier.

One look at the features of XXII Yonia make it worth the money alone, but for the playfulness and charisma it adds through it’s candy-esque appearance, we can see it fitting in nicely for print projects (think invitations, holiday cards, food packaging).

XXII Yonia most of all likes packaging, headlines on posters and flyers, and it really loves to be a logo for something with food or toys.

It comes along with a lot of alternate letters so you can customize the look with swashes and alternates here and there.

Download the free PDF specimen: XXII Yonia Specimen

Purchase – XXII Yonia


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