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Mohawk Theatre

Dave Williams’s Beautiful Sign Photography

Capturing the gorgeous signage of America’s disappearing era, Dave Williams has frozen in time many of the timeless aesthetics that comprised mid 20th century design. Harkening back to a time when there was a strong emphasis on the typography of a sign, these images capture the lovely shapes and letters merchants chose to capture the eye of their patrons. Now considered too expensive, too difficult and too high maintenance, these vintage and retro signs illustrate a time in America when the glitz and glam came from the illuminated shop fronts, theatres and diners instead of mobile phones, computer screens and LED screens that pollute our vision instead. Dave has given many of the photos a textured treatment to enhance the appearance of the images, but this has not taken away from the the many hues and soft pastels that canvas many of the classic photos. From sensational movie theatre marquees that welcomed dapper gentlemen dressed to the nines accompanied by and excited dates who donned poodle skirts or figuring flattering Jackie O dresses, the memories many of these signs have witnessed are bountiful. Here’s to hoping that one day, the beautiful signage with neon filaments and glowing embers makes a fashionable and fast return. To see more gorgeous signage, pay a visit to Dave’s Flickr gallery: Dave’s Flickr


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