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Typographic art in the home is nothing new, but these stunning letters found at Restoration Hardware in the USA are sure to make a statement in any living situation.

Created as replicas, the various letter displays they have on offer will appeal to any typophile, rather than collectors, but the quality is still bar-none despite not being originals.

The oversized letters can be hung on the wall, leaned against it or displayed on shelving. If you have the budget, the space and the interest, you can purchase multiple letters and create your own words or phrases.

We’re big fans of the marquee letters and think they would be terrific to hang in the Type headquarters.

The black metal letters call back to the 1930’s and were inspired by an antique sign from a florist’s shop in the South of France, the metal letters offer bold scale and exceptional clarity of form. These reproductions replicate the originals, down to their weathered patina, and include every letter of the alphabet.

The vintage marquee letters seen below are a reproduction of letters that once graced a theater marquee, they are simply dazzling and grandly sized. Perfect for illuminating a single initial, or boldly highlighting a name, word or phrase. Crafted of steel, they have a warm, weathered finish with an aged patina.

The handcrafted gothic letters were influenced from The Canterbury Tales to the King James BibleGothic script prevailed in Western Europe from the 12th through 18th centuries. Capturing the magnificence of Medieval and Renaissance texts, the Gothic letters serve as striking sculpture in their own right, each one individually handcrafted by a skilled iron master and finished with a rusted patina for an aged look.

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